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Cambodia support asian to check on ability to reopen tourist

July 30, 2021
Cambodia support asian to check on ability to reopen tourist

At the 3rd meeting of the ASEAN Tourism Crisis to assess the impact of the Covid-19 on ASEAN tourism and listen to the future plans of each country, Cambodia and other countries expressed support for ASEAN to examine the possibility of opening international tourism. Re-ensuring the safety, trust, and confidence of tourists and people in their respective countries. The meeting took place on video conferencing on June 24, 2021.

Mr. Thong Rathsak, Board Director of Tourism Development and International Cooperation of the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia and also the Chairman of the 2021 ASEAN National Tourism Institutions (ASEAN NTOs) with the participation of representatives of the ASEAN National Tourism Institutions (ASEAN NTOs) of both member countries. 10 The ASEAN Secretariat of the ASEAN Tourism Association (ASEANTA), the Asia-Pacific Travel Association (PATA), the ASEAN-US Business Council (US-ABC) and the World Travel Council (WTTC), consisting of 74 members.

The meeting discussed and evaluated the impact of the Covid 19 crisis on ASEAN tourism, the ASEAN Tourism Restoration Plan, and other ASEAN tourism outcomes, such as:

1. The 10 ASEAN countries have considered the reopening of international tourism and presented initiatives to continue and enhance tourism cooperation between ASEAN member countries to reopen this tour safely and responsibly.

2. Update on the post-crisis plan for ASEAN tourism in the post-Covid-19 crisis and the development of the ASEAN Guidelines on Safety and Hygiene for Employees and Communities in the Tourism Industry (Led by Cambodia) Upcoming approval from ASEAN Tourism Ministers.

3. The international tourism community, including ASEANTA, PATA, US-ABC, WTTC, has expressed support for ASEAN in reviewing the possibility of reopening international tourism, ensuring safety, trust, and confidence.

4. Member countries report on vaccination updates in their respective countries as well as upcoming international tourism plans, which are generally planned by member countries before 2022. 

Member States also reaffirmed Cambodia's support for the implementation of a plan to promote and restore tourism in and after the Covid-19 crisis, which was approved by the Royal Government on March 30, 2021.