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How to spend less money on the trip but happy

March 23, 2019
How to spend less money on the trip but happy

How to spend less money on the trip but happy is a great way for all of us. Traveling is an important part of life, whether it is close or long distance with family, Friends, couples, or alone, it's a great experience into your life. 

If you are not smart in travel, you will have trouble spending a lot of money and not feeling happy, so you have to be smart to travel anywhere. For example, you should find out the route to the area before you travel, or to find out what kind of transportation you need to get there. If you do, you will understand more about your trip and how to reduce some of the cost of the trip. 

Of course, course, all the trips are had to spend money, but it is not a major problem. My team would like to take some points to make your trip fun and spend less money.

1. Set up time of the trip and open your mind to accepting something new

Each of your trips will make you meet new people, eat new foods or new experiences. So you should spend a lot of time walking on the street, shopping, talking to people living in the area, hiking, sunset, beaches or swimming. This will make your trip fun, memorable, and you will get lots of new things from those sites.

2. Keep your needs low

The excellent trip should have shopping, having a full-time service, clean air, excellent food, a safe place or suitable accommodation. However, these things make you spend a lot of money on your trip.

For example, if you want clean air, or you want to exercise, you can go outside to enjoy the air or to walk in the malls, supermarket or even on the beach. This way, you will be able to reduce some of the costs and get to know the area clearly.

3. Buying tickets or reservations

If you are close to the day of your trip, you just start purchasing a ticket or book a room, so all those prices may be higher than the normal day or price as usual. Because of holidays or weekends, that price will double or tripled, and sometimes it can make your trip change or cannot work because there is no ticket or no accommodation. However, if you have bought a ticket or booked a room ready for a month or two, you may spend less on it. Instead, you do not have to worry about having your tickets or accommodation on the day of your trip.

For example, if your trip for New Year on the Bokor Mountain, you can book a hotel room before one month, two months or three months, then the cost of a hotel room will be low.

4. Reduce travel speed

If you do not choose to travel by plane, it will make your trip even better because you will know lots of places, see street views or take a lot of photos. And you can travel from one place to another, at low-cost and by use of transportation such as boats, ships, buses, or bicycles, etc.

For example, if you are in Cambodia and your trip to Thailand, you will have the option to travel such as by airplane or by bus. So, if you choose to travel by bus, the cost will be less than travel by plane, and you've probably will know lots of places, see street views or take a lot of photos.